Balmoral Anejo XO

Oscuro Rothchild Massivo

5 × 55Very Dark Brown

Pack of 5

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10/15/20 6:00 am

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San Andrés Mexican

Dominican Republic

Brazil / Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Dominican Republic


Very Dark Brown / Oscuro


Balmoral Anejo XO

Oscuro Rothchild Massivo

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Skillfully handcrafted in the Dominican Republic by the famous Royal Agio Company, Balmoral Anejo XO Oscuro Rothchild Massivo is a beefy 5 x 55 cigar that features a multi-country blend of premium fillers covered by a very dark Oscuro San Andrés Mexican wrapper. this savory full body cigar is loaded with mouthwatering flavors of red pepper, oak, earth, and cinnamon, with underlying hints of honey.

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