Balmoral Vintage Sumatra

120 yr. Edition

Medium Brown

Box of 12

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic


Medium Brown / EMS


Balmoral Vintage Sumatra

120 Yr. Edition

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The European-based Balmoral brand is celebrating its 120th anniversary year, and to mark the occasion, they have released the Balmoral Vintage Sumatra 120 yr. Edition cigars. Since 1895 Balmoral cigars have been covered by a Sumatra leaf wrapper which has become the hallmark of this famous Dutch cigar. Balmoral Vintage Sumatra 120 yr. Edition cigars, featured in three popular sizes, and presented in a stunning gift boxes of 12, use this prized Sumatra leaf surrounding a blend of the finest aged Dominican binder and long filler tobaccos. After toasting and lighting one these premium gems, you will savor a full-flavored smoke with a toasty tobacco sweetness accented with nuances of cocoa, cashews, and cream. 

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