Boneshaker Tombstone

War Hammer

6 × 60Dark Brown

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Ecuador Sumatra





Dark Brown / Maduro


Boneshaker Tombstone

War Hammer

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The Boneshaker Tombstone War Hammer  is the enormously popular 6 inch by 60 ring cigar that’s making its third appearance in the highly acclaimed Boneshaker series. The cigar is produced by AJ Fernandez, and rolled at his prestigious factory with binder and long filler tobaccos painstakingly grown on the volcanic fertile soil from his farm in Estelí Nicaragua. And, in true AJ fashion, you can count on pristine construction, a great, burn, and an easy draw from one cigar to the next. After lighting a War Hammer, you’ll be greeted with full bodied, yet exceptionally smooth flavors of chocolate, red pepper, caramel, leather, and cocoa. A captivating sweet tobacco aroma beautifully  ties the whole smoking experience together. This modestly priced masterpiece from AJ Fernandez is certain to become a permanent fixture in your favorite humidor, so order a box of 20 from JR Cigar now! 

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stevenellsworth7$64.011 of 20
cmmkaj$60.001 of 20
johnny hanger$55.011 of 20
RJTOM$55.001 of 20
nfr88$53.311 of 20
alamfirst$53.032 of 20
kotalampi$53.011 of 20
Bigashsexy$52.771 of 20
reminter$52.021 of 20
lenny313$52.011 of 20
SRQSSO$52.001 of 20
booob$51.901 of 20
Habano7$51.891 of 20
Algae$51.501 of 20
wyliewolff$51.261 of 20
stonethrower$51.251 of 20
Anthbatz$51.151 of 20
Lil2bo$51.102 of 20
danroddy77$51.081 of 20
louz$51.001 of 20
joseph.heppner$50.502 of 20
nynjfl59$50.501 of 20
Stanley$50.072 of 20
Big tom$50.061 of 20
geakester$50.022 of 20
mossimo$50.011 of 20
Jazzytj$50.001 of 20$50.001 of 20
Mark$50.001 of 20
tpattison$50.001 of 20
SmokinGolfer$50.002 of 20
bradcreeks$49.001 of 20
laroccaryan14$48.001 of 20
Wakesetter24$48.001 of 20






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