El Rey del Mundo Reserva Nicaragua

Choix Supreme

6.12 × 49Medium Brown

Box of 20

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08/22/19 6:00 am

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08/28/19 10:05 pm 

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Honduras Olancho San Agustin Sun Grown


Honduras / Nicaragua


Medium - Full

Medium Brown / EMS


El Rey del Mundo Reserva Nicaragua

Choix Supreme

(39 Reviews)

The classic Choix Supreme now has a sister in Nicaragua and she’s a beauty! This premium cigar is just bursting with flavors that include sweet spice, cocoa, espresso, nuts, and black cherry. And with its fragrant, lush bouquet this cigar is wonderful to the nose as it is on the palate. Packaged in a box of 20.

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Johnnie Hargrove$5,693.001 of 20
Swiick$70.001 of 20
ronpinegar$65.002 of 20
bridgeboss$61.001 of 20
gomac1$60.001 of 20
rjpoor$60.001 of 20
ronbzr$58.581 of 20
Fhav$58.502 of 20
stonethrower$58.261 of 20
sammybrowndog$58.263 of 20
philltax1007$58.251 of 20
Gyrene$58.252 of 20
DJanssen$58.001 of 20
lori.ltr$57.572 of 20
chalabyf$56.501 of 20
yannisbotsis$56.201 of 20
REELBEAST$56.122 of 20
BUCNUT$55.562 of 20
bobflemm$55.551 of 20
skunkdog$55.261 of 20
DOCADAM5$55.051 of 20
booob$55.021 of 20
grouch3$55.011 of 20
skern$55.001 of 20






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