Hoyo de Monterrey

Bundle- No. 450 Robusto

4.5 × 50Dark Brown

Bundle of 25

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01/16/20 6:00 am

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01/22/20 10:05 pm 

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Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic / Honduras / Nicaragua


Medium - Full

Dark Brown / Maduro


Hoyo de Monterrey

Bundle- No. 450 Robusto

(35 Reviews)

The Hoyo de Monterrey Bundle No. 450 Robusto is an authentic Habana-style smoke crafted by true Honduran masters. In fact, it was first cigar made from smuggled Cuban seeds – in a diplomat’s pouch nonetheless. It’s that good. The Bundle No. 450 Robusto has a medium-to-full body profile and boasts rich natural flavors thanks to the balanced combination of Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Sit back, light one up, and puff away as the Cuban spirit drifts around you. These dark beauties are sold in 25-count bundles.

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cgrbyr$42.001 of 20
sscaserta$41.251 of 20
bigdawgbud$41.211 of 20
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Cgarjunk$39.011 of 20
jat4me$39.001 of 20
jroehm3990$39.002 of 20
chgofyrguy$38.522 of 20
narrowh20$38.522 of 20
rimorrisdb$38.513 of 20
yellopup$38.501 of 20
jameslouisclark$38.502 of 20
kortc$38.111 of 20
wrecker$38.101 of 20
jhwjrmd$37.132 of 20
Mudslide$37.101 of 20
Algae$37.101 of 20
ahmadzaimi$37.081 of 20
mossimo$37.021 of 20
rpletta$37.012 of 20
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