Hoyo de Monterrey Certified Vintage

1999 Condessa Shaped

6.5 × 50Medium Brown

Bundle of 10

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02/20/20 6:00 am

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02/26/20 10:05 pm 

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Ecuador Sumatra

Connecticut Broadleaf

Dominican Republic / Honduras / Nicaragua


Mellow - Medium

Medium Brown / EMS


Hoyo de Monterrey Certified Vintage

1999 Condessa Shaped

(26 Reviews)

A handsome dark brown smoke, the 1999 Condessa Shaped cigar is an exclusive vintage offering by JR Cigars. With a mild-to-medium strength profile, they’re a softer take on the traditional Honduran cigar – but no less the quality or enjoyment. Skillfully handcrafted from a smooth blend of tobaccos, they feature a smooth Connecticut Broadleaf binder and a gorgeous, oily Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. These premium beauties are available in bundles of 10.

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Stellios$32.012 of 20
jeffrey.caradine$31.001 of 20
HillJackThug $30.001 of 20
wickspick$25.512 of 20
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lediiorio$23.892 of 20
Poolsean$23.001 of 20
Doug Lockard$22.502 of 20
klipklop$22.451 of 20
buttons$22.061 of 20
Sally$22.051 of 20
soccercop$22.021 of 20
metro02$22.001 of 20
wineo$22.001 of 20
Razorraiderrazorsharp$21.901 of 20
Soundoffreedom$21.901 of 20






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