JR Edicion Limitada Alternative

Cohiba Behike Laguito No. 5

5.75 × 54Medium Brown

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10/09/19 3:00 am

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10/09/19 6:00 pm 

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Ecuador Sumatra



Dominican RepublicHondurasNicaragua

Medium - Full

Medium Brown / EMS


JR Edicion Limitada Alternative

Cohiba Behike Laguito No. 5

(105 Reviews)

Handmade at the best factories on the planet using only luxurious long-filler tobaccos from some of the most legendary brands in the world, these exclusively made JR Edición Limitada Alternatives to the Cuban Cohiba Behike Laguito No. 5 cigar are finished with stunning Ecuador Sumatra wrappers. They are medium to full in body and loaded with mouthwatering flavors that are truly reminiscent of the real thing; they’re as close as you're going to get to the real deal without breaking the bank. JR Cigar is the perfect place to buy cigars online, so pick up a bundle of 20 today and get ready for a rewarding smoke!

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kourinorm@gmail.com$40.001 of 20
OK Kid$37.001 of 20
BECK04$36.751 of 20
Cigar missionary$36.541 of 20
kortc$36.531 of 20
twocabins$36.521 of 20
airles$36.511 of 20
chris.p$36.501 of 20
stoh$36.502 of 20
Bid4me$36.411 of 20
1948$36.402 of 20
buttons$36.401 of 20
edpetrow$36.391 of 20
mjf466@hotmail.com$36.362 of 20
Trimti$36.351 of 20
Rangatang$36.331 of 20
RVH$36.331 of 20
Smoke-A-lot$36.321 of 20
s.v.smoker$36.321 of 20
AZSmoker$36.324 of 20






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