JR Edicion Limitada Alternative

Montecristo Edmundo

5.25 × 54Dark Brown

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11/14/19 6:00 am

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11/20/19 10:00 pm 

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Ecuador Sumatra




Medium - Full

Dark Brown / Maduro


JR Edicion Limitada Alternative

Montecristo Edmundo

(122 Reviews)

Skillfully crafted at the most prestigious cigar factories in the world using only long-filler tobaccos from some of the most famous brands ever known, these specially made JR Edición Limitada Alternatives to the Cuban Montecristo Edmundo are bounded in stunning Ecuador Sumatra wrappers. They are medium to full in body and loaded with mouthwatering flavors that are reminiscent of the real thing; they’re as close as you're going to get to the real deal without breaking the bank. JR Cigar is the ultimate place to buy premium cigars online. Pick up a bundle of 20 today to relish and savor.

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gregcomet68$41.001 of 20
Fedodedo$40.001 of 20
Lucifer$38.251 of 20
tomkat$37.001 of 20
bidboy$36.261 of 20
vash2420$36.252 of 20
ItalianBread$36.033 of 20
Shing22$36.021 of 20
rdwerblin$36.011 of 20
HB cigar lover$36.002 of 20
PROD$35.771 of 20
huttthehutt$35.752 of 20
Critti71$35.552 of 20
valcat3140$35.261 of 20
globaltmsolutions$35.252 of 20
validicus$35.031 of 20
lsmgillett$35.011 of 20
A1$35.005 of 20
davidbushey$34.951 of 20
narcorngr$34.512 of 20
rvick5$34.501 of 20
jppgolfer$34.501 of 20
kotaiapple$33.011 of 20
Dbochese$33.001 of 20
randymhiggins$33.003 of 20
lonestar315$32.021 of 20
creekfarm$32.001 of 20
ntdevman$31.991 of 20
edpetrow$31.951 of 20
delano.roelofsen$31.951 of 20
mwrit$31.951 of 20
OK Kid$31.951 of 20






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