Montecristo Peruvian

Buena Fortuna

5 × 47Medium Brown

Box of 20

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Connecticut Broadleaf / Habana 2000

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Honduras / Peru

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full

Medium Brown / EMS


Montecristo Peruvian

Buena Fortuna

(21 Reviews)

The Montecristo Peruvian Buena Fortuna is a powerful square pressed premium cigar with an oily Habana 2000 wrapper. Inside is a Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan, Dominican and potent Peruvian long filler tobaccos. Marvelous aroma, handsome wrapper, and a lush and earthy Cuban style flavor all tell you that you are smoking one of the world's great cigars. Each cigar is sleeved and placed in boxes of 20.

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LAR47$73.001 of 20
glfdesperado$72.502 of 20
relax$72.001 of 20
cowboyz$70.001 of 20
timstv$70.001 of 20
Diamond Joe$70.001 of 20
RawYee$70.002 of 20
9013550113$69.991 of 20
KNGOHRTS$69.501 of 20
T-VIKES$69.252 of 20
Frjarias7$69.021 of 20
PJRohr$69.001 of 20






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