Oliva Seconds

Lot NH 64 Torpedo

4 × 64Medium Brown

Bundle of 20

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03/31/20 3:00 am

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03/31/20 6:00 pm 

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Medium Brown / EMS


Oliva Seconds

Lot NH 64 Torpedo

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Oliva Seconds Lot NH 64 Torpedo cigars were cast aside as seconds because they  didn’t meet the company’s rigid quality control standards. The Habano wrappers covering these premium cigars have slight imperfections such as a vein here or there, sunspots , or perhaps the color is off by a shade. The good news is that these flaws hardly affect the cigars bold earthy, nutty, and spicy flavors. Now, you can  enjoy the great taste of  a top-rated Oliva cigar for a fraction of its original price. Order a bundle of 20 today!

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BidderBid Amount / Per ItemQuantity
ediguy10$25.001 of 20
Londo$21.001 of 20
ty2b1234@gmail.com$20.001 of 20
bensor59$18.512 of 20
bigdawgbud$18.502 of 20
Zookeeper$18.251 of 20
nels.r.giden$18.251 of 20
LSUTiger$18.012 of 20
ntdevman$18.001 of 20
Mike$18.002 of 20
dakauaiguy$18.002 of 20
sdobson$17.201 of 20
eric.thornlow$17.101 of 20
Aficionado$17.051 of 20
MSH1959$17.011 of 20
kekoa.lbs$17.011 of 20
jallen1968$17.001 of 20
goldsborohvac$17.001 of 20
cyseidel$16.972 of 20
puffy$16.912 of 20
sparaski1$16.871 of 20






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