Perdomo 20th Anniversary

Connecticut Gift Set

6 × 56Light Brown

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11/08/18 6:00 am

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Light Brown / EMS


Perdomo 20th Anniversary

Connecticut Gift Set

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The Perdomo 20th Anniversary Connecticut Gift Set features five ultra-smooth handmade premium cigars dressed in their most stunning Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers. To fully capture the award-winning Perdomo taste, the Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos resting below this prized leaf have been specially cultivated from the rich volcanic soils found on Nick Perdomo’s farms. Creamy flavors of coffee, almonds, spice, and underlying tobacco sweetness throughout, will undoubtedly make you a fan of these delicious Connecticut style cigars. Join the celebration and order your 20th Anniversary Connecticut Gift Set today!

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Diamond Joe$18.002 of 20
jdehney$18.001 of 20
JoeDOM$17.011 of 20
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Tchbih$16.602 of 20
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