Stock your humidor with a great ACID brand cigar that will allow you to experience the smooth flavors that make this one of our favorite smokes. One of the most popular infused styles in the United States, ACID cigars' seasoned tastes bring to you a unique smoke that artfully blends over 150 natural oils, botanicals, and spices. These handmade cigars contain aged Nicaraguan Cuban-seed long-filler tobacco and are cured for months to bring out the essential oils that make the ACID brand so special. While many enthusiasts look forward to the hours of pleasure that ACID's larger cigar sizes bring, we're proud to also carry smaller versions that are ideal for those who have less time to savor the experience. Sold in tins of 10, the diminutively sized ACID Krush line provides long-filler 4 x 32 variations featuring some of the most beloved flavors. Review our online assortment to find adored ACID brands like Blue Connecticut, Gold Sumatra, Morado Maduro, and Red Cameroon. As an added bonus, the included handsome artwork by Scott Chester makes these boxes of ACID cigars fantastic gifts for the fellow cigar fan in your life.

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